I Let a Stylist Overhaul My Closet—Here Are 9 Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again


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I Let a Stylist Overhaul My Closet—Here Are 9 Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again


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Welcome to the Month of Me, the place day-after-day in January we’ll be publishing a brand new style, magnificence, or wellness article that includes a first-person account of shaking up an previous behavior, pushing beyond a comfort zone, or simply making an attempt something new. Comply with along for 31 days of storytelling, including what it’s like to quit alcohol for 80 days, attempt Beyoncé's very strict food regimen, or utterly overhaul your closet.

Everyone is aware of that feeling. You look into your closet and really feel like there's nothing to put on although it is in all probability overflowing with garments. You are the spitting picture of Cher in Clueless, pouting in entrance of a disastrous pile of clothing. A number of months ago, I got here to the crushing realization that I used to be Cher. 

Since I work in style, there are continuously new items coming in and never an equal amount of outdated items going out. On prime of that, I'm buying and selling in my moderately spacious L.A. condominium and promoting my cellular closet—I imply automotive—for a much smaller NYC condo, a metropolis where even having a normal closet is thought-about a luxury. I didn't simply need a routine closet cleanout for the sake of a clearer headspace and smoother getting-dressed routine (although I've undoubtedly benefitted from those). I needed to completely gut my closet. So when the workforce at the rising resale app Mercari reached out to me about cleansing out my closet and selling my undesirable wares on the platform, I didn't assume twice.

I labored with Mercari's chief stylist and professional organizer Anna De Souza to rid my closet of the excess, manage all the things, and (hopefully) earn a living off of what I not wanted. Two hours, four garbage luggage filled with previous clothes, and a handful of Mercari listings later, and my closet and I have been back in enterprise. After working with an professional like De Souza, I discovered just how many errors that have been retaining me and my closet so disorganized—and I am vowing to not repeat them. Maintain scrolling to read about my key takeaways, from understanding what to ditch, methods to hold my clothes organized, and tips on how to successfully flip a revenue selling on the app.

Mistake #1: Proudly owning a number of gadgets that serve the same objective.

I got rid of lots of gadgets that qualify as multiples. I pared again gadgets like black trousers, pajama units, and button-down shirts that I didn't even understand I owned so many variations of.

Mistake #2: Holding onto denims that blatantly do not fit.

We've all been there. I am going to wear these as soon as I get in higher form. As a rule of thumb, if you haven't worn them in six months, they need to go. And a part of that can also be creating area for things that you simply feel good sporting right now (not within the hypothetical future).

Mistake #3: Holding gadgets purely because they hold sentimental worth.

A bomber jacket from my grandmother's closet. The gown I graduated from school in. A necklace from an ex-boyfriend. These gadgets maintain so much which means due to all the reminiscences associated with them, but De Souza challenged me to take another take a look at them and ask myself if they actually added value to my life or have been merely taking over valuable real property. Surprise, shock—the latter was true for almost all of them.

Mistake #three: Not taking the time to steam or iron delicate items before putting them back.

Going by means of every little thing one after the other made me understand that a strong chunk of my clothes was unwearable because they have been wrinkly. The very fact is that I wasn't taking the time to steam them, I would just select something else to put on as an alternative particularly if I used to be dashing to dress. A fast fix? Take a few minutes to steam these delicate items before placing  them away, in order that they're recent and able to go for next time.

Mistake #four: Considering that minor stains and rips can't be mended and tossing the "defective" pieces.

A bit of additional care in mending a stain or rip can go an extended means if that is, you really love an item. But the flip aspect is also true: items which are previous the point of fixing should not be taking over area in your closet.

Mistake #5: Utilizing random hangers relatively than uniform ones.

One of many first issues De Souza did as soon as we decided on the ultimate "maintain" pile was to switch all my random and clunky hangers with glossy felt ones that created a cohesive look to my rolling rack. Whereas before I used an amalgamation of plastic hangers from the dry cleaners or a current buying journey, now every little thing hangs on similar hangers—and it has the effect of giving my clothes extra worth. 

Mistake #6: Organizing every thing by merchandise sort.

I used to arrange my rolling rack based mostly on merchandise varieties like blouses, skirts, pants, and so on. but she steered we organize them in accordance with shade, something I would not have thought to do. It not only appeared approach better in my room aesthetically-speaking, however it truly turned easier to spot pieces I used to be on the lookout for and I've found that now I am extra more likely to wear pieces that used to gather dust since I can see every little thing just about equally.

Mistake #7: Folding gadgets in half (as an alternative of rolling).

This was an obscure organizational tip. I did not assume there was any concern with the best way I had folded the garments on my shelves however alas, De Souza taught me to roll my garments, particularly my denims and once we did so I was capable of fit extra in the area and see every little thing higher. Plus, isn't the look of rolled jeans simply chic?

Mistake #eight: Gifting away well-known model names and losing time making an attempt to promote lesser-known brands.

I've tried my hand at selling my clothes on an app before, however my strategy was all improper. I was placing an excessive amount of effort into capturing and itemizing clothes that weren't going to sell properly, regardless of how nice I assumed they have been. De Souza advised me to pick pieces from well-established brands to promote first and mentioned that family manufacturers like Nike and Levi's have been a number of the top-selling on Mercari. I selected a couple of jeans from manufacturers like Levi's and seven For All Mankind to record in addition to a number of pairs of heels nonetheless in good condition.

Mistake #9: Not taking the time to shoot aesthetically-pleasing imagery.

De Souza suggested me to shoot the gadgets I needed to sell comparable to how I might set up an Instagram shot. Good, pure lighting, clear backgrounds, and a prop or two (I used a houseplant) are all key elements to making a likable—and extra importantly, sellable—product itemizing on the app.

After successfully promoting a handful of footwear, denims, and tops, my earnings have been close to $300. I was officially impressed. To make that quantity on other platforms I've used prior to now, it would have taken me several weeks and dozens of product listings. 

Subsequent up, examine the styling mistakes that over-50 women have vowed not to repeat.

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